Saturday, April 4, 2009

Your (more than) Weekly Boo: It's Not Easy Being Green

I totally stole this title from an episode of a television show. Name that show! (There is absolutely nothing in this for you. I'm just hoping someone else can Name that show! and then I'll feel better about having watched it. Thank you.)

But it's a deep message. It really isn't easy being green. Which is why today, I offer you a view of the world from Boo's perspective.

First it is important to understand that Boo takes a lot of soul searching, meandering walks that inevitably end like this:

Probably, this is due to loneliness (please refer to an earlier post.) But maybe it's because he's just very complicated. I am fascinated with such things and have to wonder, what is he thinking?

Upon closer inspection I find that he is not really thinking. He is asleep.

Of course, all my picture taking and bothering sends him trotting away to attend to more pressing business. He sets his sights on befriending the dog.

LuLu is: shock and awe.

Which leads Boo to his second favorite activity, behind eating sweet feed: inappropriate sniffing.

From Boo's perspective, I think all we can ascertain is that he still has a lot to figure out. After all, he's only five months old, and is, let's face it, only a donkey. What were you expecting, rocket science? Geez.

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Mattie said...

I feel that Kermit has lamented that more than once in his colored history ...

Boo is too cute!

and Amanda wants a chicken now ... (: