Monday, March 9, 2009

Your Weekly Boo

I'm pretty sure that Boo is lonely. I've seen him try to interact with the cows which usually ends in a head butting match that he always loses. His grumpy mom, Chula, is weaning him and this involves Boo getting kicked at. A lot. He perks right up when the dogs join us at the land and is trying very hard to befriend my little dog LuLu. However, when you're only 25 lbs, a donkey trotting towards you with huge ears perked all the way up, is terrifying. Usually, she dives under the car before he can even introduce himself. So the fact is, the little guy has no buddies. And for the record, I am not trying to mount an argument in favor of getting another baby donkey. I'm just stating the facts.
Here he is. Completely ignored.

And eating hay. Alone.

Only his reflection for company.

It's obvious what must be done. Through your tears, please drop a line to Jeremy, stating exactly why you believe it's necessary to get another baby donkey for Boo. For BOO. Not for me, just so we're clear. And thank you.

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