Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ch ch ch ch changes..

In case you haven't read the beginning of this riveting story, it is important to understand that the land was once......completely trashed. That is to say, when we first came to see the property we had to squint pretty hard and use lots of imagination to actually consider buying it since it was, at that time, kind of a dump. But this was no ordinary dump. This was where miscellaneous bathroom related appliances had gone to die (along with a circa 1984 taxicab). As we walked the land, the mysterious bathroom objects just kept appearing in the strangest places. There was the toilet in the creek bed, the upturned sink under the tree, bathtub next to the pond and, of course, the innovative Bathtub Garden (which remains and is within pleasant viewing distance from the woods! Yay!). To say that we were relieved to have these objects removed, is an understatement. Which is why it's ironic that my cows now eat out of this:

Is ironic the wrong word here? In case you weren't clear on what exactly it is they're using as a trough.....

You see, the land has changed me. When my friendly neighbor stopped by and offered a solid cast iron tub to use for the animals, I didn't shudder and ask why, WHY?!? would I want you to put a bathtub BACK on the land?? Rather, I paused, reflected on the cost of a real animal trough, considered my options, kicked the bathtub with my boot, decided it was quite sturdy, appreciated the offer and said that heck yes I would like it as a trough! My, my how things have changed.

But then again, this time last year, if I'd been asked whether I would buy a cow, I would've said why, WHY?!? would I buy a cow?

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