Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey! We've got hay!

This is the sign that elicits a chuckle pretty much every time we drive by it on the way to the land (yes, we're that lame). This is an appropriate intro for this next installment where I'll take you through the fun that is getting hay to feed our mini-herd.

1) Notice the existing bale of hay is looking pretty non-existent
2) curse a few times at having to buy more hay

3) look on Craigslist to see how high the prices of hay have climbed since our last purchase (we're in the middle of one of the worst droughts since 1950 or something, so we're up to about $60 per round bale)

4) curse a few times at having to buy more EXPENSIVE hay

5) borrow my dad's tahoe to go pick up the hay (my fun-loving, outdoorsy Element is kind of a weenie when it comes to hauling anything heavy)

6) load up a few bales of hay from a local seller (who actually drives all over Texas collecting bales of hay because they are getting harder to find and in more demand)

7) unload aforementioned bales of hay in as inefficient manner as possible so I have more seat time on Bambi

8) sit and watch the mini-herd enjoy their new meal(s)

Now I'll try to preemptively answer some hay questions you may have:

Q: How long does a bale of hay feed your mini-herd?
A: Good question. In my vast experience (3 months worth) with this mini-herd, a round bale lasts about a month. I'm hopeful that the spring will bring other sources of nourishment so the little guys and girls will not rely on the hay as much.

Q: What does a round bale of hay weigh?
A: Another good question. My guesstimate is about 1000lbs, give or take a couple hundred pounds. This is based on some Internet research and the fact that Bambi is supposed to be able to lift up to about 1000lbs. She struggles with these bales, so I think I'm right at her limit.

Q: I want the 3 minutes of my life back that I wasted reading this post about dead grass.
A: That's not a question.

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Jon said...

HA! You had me hooked at hey we've got hay :-)