Thursday, April 2, 2009

Your Weekly Boo: Nothing stays the same.

Boo is growing like a weed and only one part of him remains the same.

His grumpy mom, Chula, is trying to wean him by nipping his neck and snorting and stomping. This worked for a while and Boo would hang his head and sadly walk away. But he's way past that. Now when Chula kicks at Boo to wean him, he kicks her right back and keeps nursing. Very sassy.

Look at that face! He is hardly a baby donkey anymore which leaves me broken hearted.

I am also broken hearted by the amount of poison ivy that's vined around many of the trees that surround the "pond." Spring has revealed the unpleasant surprise that poison ivy is abundant and that cactus can grow without roots. I promise.

It's a relief that some things will probably never change. Particularly the cows who remain small enough to crawl through the hay ring.

And Rooney, who never eats the outside hay.

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