Sunday, April 12, 2009

Your Weekly Boo: In which Boo shows me what's what

Today marked Boo's second official course in "How to Politely Follow Jenna While Attached to a Lead Rope." This is part of a series meant to teach him excellent manners and encourage his maturity and social growth, kind of like a cotillion, but for baby donkeys. And instead of a big party at the end with a frilly dress, bouffant hairdo, and tea sandwiches, it'll be more of a Boo -tied-to-a-fence-while-vet-visits-and-snip-snips kind of thing. Are you starting to understand the importance of the halter and lead rope?!?

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being a "piss poor showing" and 10 being "exceeds expectations," Boo's lead rope manners scored him a whopping 2.5. Basically, he was a jerk. Sure, he happily followed me around for the first 30 seconds of the ordeal, with his muzzle aimed at my right pocket (sweet feed location), but he quickly learned to put on the brakes when things got boring (Jenna=empty right pocket). And donkeys have impressive brakes. I don't have much up my sleeve in the way of donkey training, and my minimal tricks really weren't sufficient to teach anyone to go anywhere. Especially when the student sees through the 'ol "pretend to have food in the hand but really have nothing" trick.

As usual, my attempt to civilize Boo ended with his heartbreak and despair.

His grumpy mom, Chula, tried to cheer him with some entertaining rolling tricks. To no avail.

Lucky for me, Boo knows just how to pull himself out of a foul mood and that is by schooling the teacher. He was intent on showing me just how much fun it is to be bossed around and told where to go as if you don't, maybe, have better things to do with your time, thank you very much. The jacket wrapped around my waist served as a great "lead rope," in Boo's opinion.

After several minutes of being taught what's what, I have a much better perspective on this whole training business.

Boo, I promise to never humiliate you again with the offensive process of being dragged around the place as if you have none of your own preferences about where to go and who to see. Next time, I'll just walk NEXT to you. I promise. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

I just made a discovery - your blog. I'm sure it's been on your Google chat box since the land existed, but me (being the observant person I am) just noticed...and proceeded to read all the 'back issues' in an attempt to catch up on Boo's progression from baby donkey to obnoxious baby donkey. I love it.

Oh, and I saw Lisa at the SEC hearing today. A certain someone was missing in action...

Lyn Foley said...

Hi Jenna;

I got your comment on my bardominium, and left a note for you to get in touch with me if you want more info. Anyway, I just figured out you had a blog. So, if you want info, please e-mail me a lynjim(at)lynfoley(dot)com.