Monday, April 27, 2009

Your Weekly Boo: In which Boo embraces his celebrity status

Look, I'm trying to get you some interesting information regarding Boo (if such information exists). I have seen him do some fascinating things that involve grace and precision. Regardless of how many times I attempt to capture his spins and kicks, his rolls and gallops, once the camera comes out, the kid immediately stops what he's doing and walks straight towards me.

At first I thought he was not bright and mistook the camera for, perhaps, a carrot.

Carrots rank up there with sweet feed for donkeys.

However, I quickly realized that he is not only bright. He is brilliant.

Boo has become somewhat of a celebrity. And I've become the sick-o paparazzi that follows him around the place once every few days.

Unfortunately, now when I try to capture him acting like a baby donkey, he stops his activity and walks straight towards the camera. I think he believes he is giving his fans what they want.


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