Monday, April 20, 2009

The Tiniest Bean

There's a lot going on in our current backyard, too.

Aside from the odd soccer game Jeremy starts with the dogs,

most of the activity has to do with the chickens. Honestly, seasons do not seem to affect chicken activity, but our spring addition of a shmancy compost pile really has the ladies excited. Here they are after we dumped some assorted...? Not sure what's in there...

But how, HOW did they get in there, you're asking??? (Just play along). Jeremy, the ever-conscientious chicken owner, created a nifty stair system so they can easily come and go as they please, scratch around the joint and really stir things up, without risking life or wing. Of course, when he proposed this idea I pointed and laughed at him, making fun of the notion that one can teach a chicken to use stairs. I mean, really. Come on.



to use


Joke's on me.

In other news - Jeremy grew a bean.

And I wanted to share it with you. Here's hoping that it grows just a liiiittle bit bigger.

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