Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter into Spring - soundtrack

We try to be fairly narrow in our scope here when jotting down notes about the progress at No Name Farm/Ranch. I mean, aside from all the random talk about house stuff and house parts and other obsessions -- we do try to keep it relevant to the general topic. But MAN there's been a lot of stuff making narrow focus, on any topic, almost impossible. Between jobs, and state budget crises, and house builds, and housing markets, and hay prices, and animal welfare, get it. Life has been chaotic the past month or so with lots to consider. It struck me today, when listening to this, how very much it sounds like the inside of my head lately. Most of the obstacles during this overwhelming winter may ultimately affect when we move on, out to the property - which is, as you know, all I care about. So I guess my brain as a song, right now, is a little loud, a lot frustrated, but still sounds pretty damn good:

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