Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hay in the Moonlight

Today was: rushed coffee and cereal in the darkness, early morning traffic and fog, packed parking garage at downtown office, work presentation, meetings, presentation, meetings, work, phone calls, email, work, parking garage, traffic.

Another coffee.

Then: home, feed dogs, pat cat's head, trade heels for boots, slacks for jeans, load the car with donkey treats, back into traffic, head east, empty country roads, a pock-marked gravel drive, and...land.

Despite the busy schedules today, the animals needed hay. We take hungry cows pretty seriously around here. If we don't, then they'll bust through fences for greener pastures. Literally. It's kinda funny how quickly one can go from standing in the office to standing next to the hay ring. I thought about how "funny" this is as I lifted the thing up on it's side to make way for the new bale. Well, specifically, I thought about these funny contrasts when a small pile of manure landed on my head, whilst lifting the ring. I suppose the minor chaos of days like today sound stressful. But you can't knock a day that ends with the last few minutes of daylight on a tractor, manure on the head, donkeys within petting distance. Well you can knock it, but if you do, then I invite you to end a hectic day with moonlight and happy farm animals, instead of cocktails at happy hour. It's a better tonic, every time.


WeldrBrat said...

THANK YOU! Wow. You just put the substance into words! So many 'city folks' are totally clueless and have nothing much more than strange looks for response whenever one speaks of such things. Yet - mention a few names of liquor drinks... they're all full of laughter and deep in conversation within moments. Makes me wanna ask, " Really? " LOL

No Name Farm/Ranch said...

I couldn't agree with you more!