Monday, January 10, 2011

Bigger than Texas

In the odd, ODD chance you've ever stumbled across the awkwardly produced miniseries of James Michener's Texas book, then I want your opinion. It's like a really bad show, right? We're truly not maniacal Texas-philes but when we saw the Texas miniseries listed on Netflix, filmed in the late '80s, narrated by Charleton Heston, and rounded out with a cast including Randy Travis and Patrick Duffy, we just couldn't pass it up.

Of particular note is the exquisite dialogue, hopefully not written by Michener himself. The main point of the thing is to tell the story of how Texas won its independence from Mexico. However, the majority of the miniseries seems intended to create opportunities for a squinty-eyed Patrick Duffy, as Stephen F. Austin, to look off into the distance and say things like, "Nothing is bigger than Texas," or "What happened? Texas happened, Maggie, TEXAS happened." Truly riveting stuff.

If you're from the Lone Star State and need a boost of patriotism, then this is the show for you. Why? WHY? "Because," as Duffy would say, "of Texas."

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