Wednesday, January 19, 2011

About luck.....

Took a jog yesterday through the park, down the road from the land. That park was the cherry on top of what we thought was an already pretty sweet cake. Not only was the land close to town, nicely wooded, and affordable - it was walking distance to a 200 acre municipal park. And it's not like this is your run-of-the-mill-patch-of-grass-chipping-swing-set-overflowing-trashcans sort of park. It comes with stocked fishing ponds, gazebos, covered tennis courts, wooded running trails, a swimming pool, baseball fields, SOCCER fields: the whole deal. Lucky, lucky, lucky - kept thinking to self while I was jog/walking along the trails. Luck brought us here. And that luck's caused a lot of frustration and second-guessing. But luck makes us hopeful things will work out. And hope makes us give it another shot when it goes wrong the first time(sss). And giving it another shot has something to do with persistence. And persistence means you want something bad. Badly enough. And wanting something makes you try.

So. Hmm. In the end, it's not actually all about luck, is it? Just a thought I was thinking while I jog/walked (ok. walked) and considered the new appraisal we'll be requesting, with the new builder, new lender, during a year with some new worries and considerations. I'm glad we haven't relied entirely on luck to achieve some good fortune, but yesterday on my walk in the "neighborhood" park, I felt pretty darn lucky.

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