Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Up to Something

At all times my brain is equally divided between thinking about architectural salvage items/the house build AND the farm/ranch. It's a confusing situation. In order to maintain some level of sanity, I've gone ahead and created a new spot for ramblings devoted entirely to salvage stuff - with the possibility of some build-related outbursts here and there. In time, I'll sell some pieces on the new site and talk about the refurbishment and renewal of old things to make them useful again. If design, recycling, and build-related rage interests you at all - then by all means - stop by the new place! Hope to see you there (but still here, too).

Introducing (a very early version of) Anatomy Home Salvage. The link's also over there to the right -----> under "Design Links."

Sometimes a girl gets a little tired of dirt and donkeys and wants to make a pretty house. Or, is that just me?

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