Monday, October 19, 2009

Man Week - Day 2

It's not often that I'm disappointed when a Monday ends. 1 day down, but it was a good one. I woke up about 8:00am to a 57 degree cabin. I slept with the windows wide open, which was great for the night sounds but made for a chilly morning. I fired up the generator for the first time to brew a pot of coffee (what's that saying, "it's like using a sledge hammer..."). With the coffee steaming and my sweatshirt on, I wandered around the immediate clearing and said "good morning" to the livestock. Most of the day was spent working (read: playing) on the tractor. I got some good seat time using the box blade to flatten a couple of rough areas and to break up the ground before spreading some winter rye seed. Hopefully this stuff will grow over the winter and give the animals something else to munch on besides hay. I was supposed to have dinner with Dwayne, so I started smoking some ribs around noon, but he had to bail because he was having hot water heater issues. So, as the sun was setting, I enjoyed a smoked rib dinner complete with corn on the cob and potato salad. Pretty damn good, if I may say so myself. Then it was on to post dinner entertainment in the form of a campfire and an adult beverage. I even broke out my old guitar that hasn't been touched in about a year. Sitting under the stars by a campfire just screamed guitar opportunity. Combine that with the fact that nobody else could hear how bad I am, I couldn't pass up the chance. Needless to say, my lady like fingers didn't lend themselves to a lengthy jam session, but I enjoyed trying to remember some of the songs I had memorized a long time ago. Now, it's shower time and then off to bed for another installment tomorrow.

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Jon said...

That's it, I'm heading over there. You obviously need some real help finishing those ribs ;-)