Sunday, October 18, 2009

Man Week - Day 1

Man Week 2009 is about to officially begin, and I'm so freaking excited. "Say what?" you may be asking. Man Week 2009 is a week long stint at the land where I will be sleeping in my parent's RV, playing with my tractor, clearing, cutting, planting grass seed, digging holes, shooting stuff, smoking meat, drinking beer, hanging out with neighbors, etc., etc. As if this weren't exciting enough, it looks like I happened to time this on the best week of weather in about 6 months. Ok, let's step back for a little background.

The idea of Man Week 2009 came about when I learned that I was going to be required to use up a significant amount of vacation in 2009 as part of a cost savings initiative at work. I started thinking about how I could use that time off at the land most effectively (and enjoyably). I determined that I could really do some damage if I could stay out there for a few days in a row without having to drive back and forth. We've camped out there, but a few days in a tent without the usual amenities didn't sound very appealing. Then I thought of my parent's RV, which is nicer than my current house in some ways. If I could borrow that, I would be set. Next, I started thinking about other ways to improve efficiency while at the land and came up with the idea to rent a large piece of machinery and really CLEAR the land. So, I did some research on bull dozers and industrial strength backhoes and got really excited. Realizing this wouldn't be cheap, but unable to pass up this opportunity of an excuse to play on some big-ass machinery, I proposed my plan to Jenna. She didn't even put up a fight. I was all prepared with 2nd and 3rd arguments, but I didn't even have to get out my note cards. So, a few months ago, I settled on this week of October and began telling everyone that would listen of my plans. So, the week has arrived, but Man Week 2009 was scaled back to not include the heavy machinery. When it came down to it, I couldn't swallow spending the money. Oh well, maybe Man Week 2010.

So, it's Sunday, and I'm just waiting to meet up with the folks to load up the RV to take out the land. The weather is supposed to be high of about 75 and sunny all week, so I couldn't ask for any better weather.

Yesterday I spent most of the day preparing for the rolling luxury resort, clearing low hanging limbs and flattening out the uneven "driveway" with my new/used box blade (that was fun). I even made dinner plans with the neighbor Dwayne for Monday, who stopped by to say hi yesterday.

It's going to be a good week.

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