Sunday, October 18, 2009

Man Week - Day 1 (cont.)

So, today didn't go exactly as I expected it, but I'd have to say it was a pretty damn good day.

My vision of Day 1:
Wake up at Jenna's parent's house (we're dog/house sitting) and have some REAL coffee with breakfast (Jenna's parents are coffee snobs, and by coffee I mean espresso, so whenever we stay over, I know we'll get the real deal in the morning). Read a couple of inspiring entries from the Cold Antler Farm blog. Continue to annoy Jenna about how excited I am about Man Week until my parents pick me up on their way home from church. Begin loading up the RV and head out. Hopefully have some sunlight left to play with the tractor, make a fire, etc.

How today actually went:
Everything went according to plan, except for the last two sentences above. Once we got back to my parent's house, they enlisted me to help move our 30 year old upright piano that nobody in my family has touched in about 15 years. It turns out they donated this old monster to a local group, but we needed to deliver it. Maybe this doesn't sound so bad so far, unless you've ever had to move one of these suckers. It's heavy! Luckily, with my mom, dad and I and 8 pieces of plywood, we successfully played a rather complicated game of position the puzzle pieces in order to maneuver the heavy beast through the saltio tiled living room, around the front entry way
wall, and onto the front porch without cracking any tiles, dinging any walls, or crushing any fingers. Oh yea, and then we had to load it into a flatbed trailer. Needless to say, 3 hours later the piano was loaded, the plywood puzzle pieces were picked up and we were ready to get started on prepping the RV. While not what I was picturing how I would spend my early afternoon, I can't complain about that deviation because my parents do so much for me (case in point as I type this blog entry inside of THEIR nice RV) without even blinking. Now we're back to prepping the RV, and the excitement is creeping back. As my dad is explaining what the myriad switches and levers do, I'm off picturing waking up, drinking some coffee while I eat breakfast on the picnic table at the land. I hope I don't need to turn on the heater, because I missed that explanation. Next thing I know we're on the road with me at the helm and my dad playing co-pilot. We get to the land and set up in no time at all. Right about this time Jenna shows up and keeps the animals entertained while dad and I finish everything.

At this point, the sun is starting its descent, and my mom shows up with a Sonic dinner. So we sit at the picnic table and enjoy the company. We even share some with the annoyingly pushy donkeys (who apparently really like Sonic hamburger buns, go figure).

After that, my parents take off and Jenna and I enjoy the sunset before she heads out. Now it's just me, the RV, my tractor and 15 acres. Life is good.

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