Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oct. 6, 2008

Oct. 6, 2008
Eeeesh. 15 acres of mesquite, cactus, oak clusters and cedar. Oh boy is there ever cedar. Cedar isn’t really supposed to grow here in TX and as such, it’s a water-sucking monster that towers over the native trees and robs them of everything needed to grow. During the spring it then imparts a fantastic pollen that sickens all us Texans for months. You think I’m exaggerating? Well come on down! Mesquite is something else entirely. This clever weed is completely covered in 2 inch thorns so strong they’ll go straight through a tractor tire. They drop seeds constantly which are eaten by all the lovely animals who digest and poop them out across the countryside. It’s able to grow essentially out of thin air and takes a wicked poison mixed with diesel to eventually kill. LUCKY US – we’ve got 10 acres of the lovely stuff, punctuated by towering cactus plants.

So here we are. Finally the proud owners of all this, this... Oh crap. What were we thinking?

We ventured to the land on Saturday armed with gloves, a shiny new chainsaw and some little clippers. My instructions were to “cut” in a rather non-specific manner. Feeling a bit handicapped without the help of a fancy chainsaw, I did my best. And I got better and better and better until Jeremy found me in an unimportant corner wacking away at a puny, dead branch. After being persuaded that perhaps my efforts were better utilized on a living plant that was actually in the way, I turned to leave but not without an involuntary kick at the thing. Turns out there is an alternate and darker side to myself: destructo-Jenna, who even now is sitting on the couch fidgeting and waiting until next Saturday when I can tear things down again.


It’s important, I think, to acknowledge who it is you really are. You know, like, “Hi, I’m so-and-so and I am a…..” I guess you always know certain things about your personality but it takes a LOT of maturity and meditation to finally admit it. Out loud. On a blog.

Hi. I’m Jenna. I’m obsessively obsessed. Ok – now that we have that out of the way, let’s just all acknowledge together my most prominent personality trait so we can enjoy the stories, shall we?

I say this for the benefit of anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of watching me go thru an entire career change in, say, 2 weeks. Or frantic days long searches for that perfect…something (please refer to first post, i.e., LAND).

This is particularly relevant now because I have officially spent one full day on the land and now must (must) decide what it will be. Will this just be a house with a really big yard? With lots of chickens? And a barn?

Or could this be something….profitable? Maybe a huge garden for veggie sales at a local farmers market (but I’d have to remember to water said garden. Scratch it.). No no, not quite right…

This goes on and on and takes me through blog after blog of hobby farmers across the country until I discover:

BABYDOLL SHEEP??!??? What the hell is that???

But I must have one. No. two at least. Upon more research, I discover, I must have a herd. These are particularly popular for their diminutive stature, excellent wool quality, parasite resistance and constant, smiling expression. I feel particularly drawn to them because they look like LuLu, after a shave.


Aaron said...

Ha ha! You guys are too funny! We would love to meet you sometime...sounds like you're experiencing lots of the same things we have! BTW, you want a "flock" of babydolls, not a "herd"!! ;)
Much love from Diane and Aaron at One World Farm

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