Thursday, January 1, 2009

1/1/09 (jenna)

1/1/09 (jenna)
I have something only slightly less offensive/entertaining to offer today. It's the new year! What an incredible few months this has been. I am often in a state of self-imposed, poorly handled stress. In my head, I create lists of things that stress me out like: spending enough time with friends, with family, with Jeremy, with my dear dogs, exercising, eating whole foods, caring about and excelling at my job, participating in school and nurturing the little things in life I love so dearly like a good meal, a nice garden, and reading books. I've added to this list - the land. The land that fills up my mind now constantly - and the animals we've placed on it to eventually be free from high taxes. Why did we do this? And add to our collective stress? I guess we share a deeply rooted appreciation for really simple stuff - like growing things - from scratch - even if it's a tiny plant - or a baby donkey. We both grew up in Texas and admittedly took for granted the pastoral communities all around us. For some of us, that simple and slow life just sneaks under your skin. Now, after years of discussing where to live in downtown Austin, we both crave the quiet, the wild, and the idea of shaping that wilderness into something livable with respect to its natural state. Today, like most free days, was spent on the land. That means a bumpy drive up the pockmarked road, a brief pause to unlock and swing open the creaky gate, the whoosh of a hawk above, the scurry of something into the brambles, and now, the sound of tiny hooves running down the hill to greet our car. The city looms only 13 miles away - but in that first instant out of the car - my worries associated with our life in Austin - dissipate. The other night, we had drinks with friends who live in Africa and Dubai. Their stories are brilliant, amazing, colorful - and I don't envy them one bit. I feel....desperately lucky...for this little slice of land, all of these creatures, warm weather, and some nice company. It's been a great year.

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Mattie said...

Just fabulous. And I have to add the story telling is almost as exciting for me as all of the manual labor has been for you. Thanks for blogging, has added further motivation to one of my new goals for the year - a real garden. I've started the compost pile this winter, and from the looks of a few gardening twitterbugs I might need to start ordering seeds NOW!

I'm adding you guys to my blog roll now ... oh and I'll offer to run your website when Jer's full time job is farmer and you don't have time to keep track of the Irish cattle market boom your 15 acres has generated.

Keep up the good life!

- Matt

Oh ... where is said land? email me.