Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do you like scary movies?

Yesterday we had another surprise out at the land (this place is just full of surprises). While the random piles of sheet metal and old toilet paraphernalia have become common place, we stumbled upon an unexpected little jewel. A couple of friends of ours came out to visit for the first time yesterday, so we had to give them the “grand tour” which consists of walking around the brushy, cactus-y perimeter, walking into the now dry, defunct pond, walking into the “forest area”, and concluding with standing around the hay ring with one leg propped on the metal while watching the livestock chow down. While into the first leg of this tour, we are ducking and weaving through the cactus explaining some of the history of this place including stories of some of the trash piles, when Dan says “oh look, a wheelchair.” Ha ha, very funny Dan (Dan is such a kidder). Oh wait, there is something shiny poking out of an overgrown patch of mesquite bushes. What the hell? Sure enough, there was an old wheelchair nestled into some of the most overgrown area on the land without any other trash around it. This little baby looked top of the line…in 1950. Chrome wire spokes (broken and rusted) with a puke green seat and back (torn and molded). Immediately the questions started. “Why is there a wheelchair in the middle of nowhere?” “How did it get here?” And our more imaginative Jenna made the leap that sparked some entertaining conversation later “That’s creepy. Why hadn’t we seen that before? Do you think this land is haunted?” Being the impressionable person that I am, I did start to feel the hairs on my neck stand up, and now I was regretting having handled it and moving it from its resting place. Stupid Jer, why must you go disturb every supernatural artifact that you come across? Moving on, the rest of the tour went without incident. Then we proceeded to put Dan and Lisa to work, but the work was disguised as “driving Jer’s tractor.” Ok, I don’t think they were fooled, but they seemed to enjoy pulling some of those trees out that I had cut earlier in the day. At this point, the sun is starting to set, but I hated to leave the clear skies and the 73 degree air (yes, it’s really January 3rd) to head back home, so I suggested we grab some beers and hang out for a bit. A few beers in and with the moon and stars brightly shining overhead, we revisit the wheelchair discovery with the intention of trying to freak each other out. They might have been joking, but I swear I heard some squeaking of old wheels rolling off in the bushes. Good times.

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