Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No News is Good News (??)

That saying holds as much water as "Patience is a virtue;" another gem I've been muttering to myself these days.

Actually, there is some news, slightly hopeful, but too paltry to share. There's been some more drama (shocking, I know.) But lately I attempt to practice tolerance and forgiveness and therefore have chosen not to repeat the events here in this public forum (or actually, I'm just too lazy and tired at the moment).

Let's just say that another week has painfully passed, testing my patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and belief that no news automatically signifies good news. I've been reduced to watching Bridget Jones' Diary, sucking my thumb, rocking back and forth, overeating, pacing, and exhibiting very healthy behaviors in general. To say that I'm handling this nonsense well is an exaggeration. Actually, it'd just be a lie. I did have a heartwarming conversation with the builder today who shared that a recent client went through five appraisals over the course of eight months before securing a loan. Times, oh how they've changed since the days of zero downpayment mortgage packages.

A friend recently asked whether it was time to just set this all aside and "take a break" from the emotionally taxing process. I appreciate and understand those questions. And then I wonder what she would do after spending two years, many dollars, and countless nights dreaming. Maybe she'd just let it go, but then, probably she would never get herself into this in the first place. People who can look at a mess of raw land and visualize a breathing farm, come springing forth from the tangle and trash, we're bound to get ourselves into sticky situations. By virtue of our nature, the desire to turn nothing into something, I guess we're destined to reach too far or imagine too much. I genuinely thanked her for the concern and was simultaneously grateful not to be satisfied with the status quo.

We'll get this sorted out. One way or another.

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