Sunday, March 20, 2011


I still haven't fully recovered from this weekend. The reality of Sunday night is slowly washing over me. Tomorrow it's back to..well...everything most of us return to on Monday mornings. I'm fighting off those gnawing week-day feelings of stress and anxiety and just trying to focus on the memory of happy goats in pasture, fresh milk (delicious), and the art of cheese-making. There will be some more description later but just more pictures for now. And this time, it's cheese, baby.
Feta curds!! Who knew?

The cheese plant.

The beginning of brie. It's exciting, right?

"Ashing" the cheese. I think anyone else in the class can probably tell you what "ashing" cheese means. It remains a mystery to me since, at about this moment, something excited the goats and 50 of them went trotting past the window. Goats still take precedence over cheese, for me at least.

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