Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our New Place! & Scheming

Lucky for us, we've located our dream property a mere 1 mile down the road from our current place. Seeing this haven from the road, we are grateful that the house build has fallen to pieces so that now we can buy this amazing property!

Do you see the red barn? Be still my heart.

She even comes with cows. More cows!

Rolling pasture. White picket fences.

Thick forest!! And is that a donkey in the pasture? Do you like our new place?! We're very, very excited. We'll be even more excited if it ever goes up for sale. 'Til then....

we're scheming, planning, and making a list of "if yes, then" and "if no, then" charts so that we can make some sensible decisions without messy emotions getting in the way. For example, today we'll likely learn whether the sweet-talked appraiser manages to add more value to his appraisal so that the bank will lend. If "yes" he does, then the cabin's a go. If "no" he doesn't (which is what will happen) then we go back to a builder waiting in the wings to use his metal sided home bid. And then we start over. New lender. New appraisal. Fingers crossed. Again, again, again.

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