Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Homesteading Tuesday

We had a very homesteading night last night. It started with us both in the kitchen. Jenna was pulling out the frozen, cooked chicken carcass and left over vegetables from a roasted chicken dinner she made last week in order to make a nice soup for this wintery night. I was at the kitchen table cutting the meat off the deer quarters I had killed this weekend. While Jenna prepared the soup, I hacked away at the meat. A few hours later, most of the meat was cut up, with some marinating for jerky I will be dehydrating. We just finished the delicious soup, and Jenna pulled out her knitting to round out the evening while I cleaned up the kitchen. Overall, a pretty productive night. My granny would have been proud.

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Jud H. said...

Killed a deer? I've been *this close* to seeing if you wanted to go duck and/or quail hunting soon... ready?