Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your Boo: Really. You can have him, just ask.

I have nothing happy to report in regards to Boo. No cute stories. No sweet anecdotes. Nothing.

Please remember for a moment that this was a baby donkey who could charm the pants off of the most devoted animal-hater. Now he could be used as an example for an animal-hater... if the animal-hater wanted to prove that some animals aren't worth a flip.


During our Saturday afternoon at the land, at least two solid hours were spent marveling at Boo's incessant pestering. And that was only during the two hours when we were looking. Mostly, he pestered his grumpy mom Chula who responded to his constant biting, kicking, pulling, jumping, nipping, and snorting - with the silent treatment.

So far, the silent treatment doesn't work. It just drives him nuts.

Boo became so frustrated that his concentrated efforts to piss off Chula elicited nothing more than a double-hind-leg kick (Dwayne says this is called a "barrel" kick. We don't question Dwayne), that he took it out on the nearest tree.

The poor elm had to endure 15 minutes of being kicked, chewed, head butted and charged. When this also elicited no response, Boo decided to gnaw on my boot, and I decided to let him.

I have learned two important lessons from having what has proven to be the most annoying pet that ever was (And trust me. I've had lots):
1) Never, never adopt only one baby donkey. The donkey is a social animal and needs another buddy to treat badly.

2) Do not attempt to act like a surrogate buddy to a lonely baby donkey. Unlike dogs, they don't sit, stay, or fetch. They rarely roll over. But they do kick.

Action shot!

She's giving him the 'ol one leg kick here. He kicked her back immediately after this photo was taken. And I felt very lucky to be on the other side of the fence.

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Nikki said...

Uh oh...now you're making me NOT want a baby donkey. OR maybe you're just making me want TWO or more baby donkeys. I haven't decided yet...regardless, it sounds as though Boo's cuteness may be waning.
Say it isn't so.