Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stupid Chickens - Part II

Note to self: when we move out to the land, make sure and have the chicken coop/area well away from the house.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having the little monsters running around the back yard, but every few mornings they really piss me off. This morning was one of those mornings. It started with Francis kicking off her egg song (see earlier post for a nice obnoxious video) at about 6:30am (today is a Sunday, btw). Jenna hops up to throw some chips or whatever is handy out the back door to distract them and make them shut up, grumbling all the while. She crawls into bed as they settle down. However this silence does not last. 10 minutes later several of them begin their gutteral, "complaining" which can be very loud and annoying. Half of me is pissed because it's waking me up, the other half is pissed because I know I can't just stick a pillow over my head because I know my neighbors are hearing this just as well as I am. I can't wait to move to the land! We've come to learn that on mornings that they are especially loud, we can count on a bountiful harvest of eggs, so I guess there's a silver lining. So, by 7:00am (on a Sunday), I'm wide awake after tossing more food stuffs into the yard and chasing around the 2 REALLY loud ones.

Ok, I didn't mean for this to be another rant about my occasionally obnoxious chickens. That intro was supposed to be a smooth transition to why they repeatedly show how stupid they are, but since the damage is done, I'll just get right to point. We've noticed in the last several months that we usually only find eggs in one of the 4 available egg boxes. It's not always the same box. That is, sometimes all 6 eggs will be in the left-most box. Sometimes they'll all be in the 2nd from the right, etc. That's silly, but no big deal. Well, today I went looking for eggs early in the day and found 2 chickens on top of each other in one of the boxes.

I didn't realize they laid eggs in the same box AT THE SAME TIME. It was at the time that I made this discovery that I realized why a 3rd chicken was running around the yard agitated. It must have been because she really had to do her business but there was no room for her in that box because 2 were already crammed in there. I tried to explain to her that there were 3 other empty, perfectly funtional boxes next to the occupied one, but she wasn't interested. Stupid chickens.

On a different note, we made cheese today. Yes, we used store bought milk which everyone says is a no-no, but it seems to have turned out OK. Next step, get Matilda preggers so we can juice her. Baby steps.

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