Sunday, February 15, 2009

Your Weekly Boo (or, Mr. Boo, to you)

Boo has to get gelded (snipped, castrated, etc). It's a sad fact of life. If left intact, Boo will eventually earn the nickname "Jackass," which is precisely the personality trait male donkeys are (in)famous for. Obviously, we will have none of that. The first step towards avoiding "Jackass" status is halter breaking. This will help Boo to, not only become a gentleman, but to be easily controlled when the vet arrives to, er, alter him. I was finally able to locate a halter that fits his teeny face (it's made for adult miniature horses, so now I really would like one of those). The first few attempts at halter breaking led to a very agitated Boo, and a very sad me. Today, I learned that the trick to halter breaking is the same trick for everything else to do with donkeys - - sweet feed. In the world of donkeys, sweet feed is a universal healer, peacemaker, and halter breaker, apparently. Keep a little of the stuff in one hand while quickly slipping the halter on with the other, and the little guy never knows the difference. I'm also open to considering that he's just not very smart. It was a landmark day, regardless, as he's well on his way to gentleman-hood. Introducing, Mr. Boo....

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