Monday, February 2, 2009

My Pseudo Winter Weekend

I'm talking about a Texas winter, ya'll, but even for Texas this has been all kinds of ridiculous. Although I'm sporting a sunburn from a weekend spent in a tank top, I now sit in front of a fire wearing slippers and a sweater. We've had very little in the way of winter around here. Aside from a few freezes and many brisk mornings, it's hard to tell that the seasons ever changed from early fall to deep winter. I spend so much time at the land that it's interesting to see how the plants and animals react to the seasonal change that never really, well, changed.

The trees are bare, despite the 80 degree weather. Take note of the bright green cedars which never lose their will to live. In fact they're happily making all of us sick and miserable at the moment.

This tree wonders if it's late summer? Early fall? The leaves turned a glorious red in October and just kept hanging on.

Brrrrrr!! No. I think this is when I actually sweated on the camera.

And poor Seamus grew a big fuzzy coat for nothing. All the temperature changes are confusing. Even for a brilliant,coyote chasing cow.

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