Sunday, February 15, 2009

Go FYP Yourself

Don’t worry - that statement truly isn't offensive. FYP Farm is the name our friend gave the land this weekend, and I’m thinking that it just might stick. FYP = Five Year Plan and was a jab at our speedy deviation from the original (but not too solid) land purchase timeline. So this got me to thinking. What’s so great about five year plans anyway? I mean, how did this amount of time end up always being not too little, not too much – juuust right? Does this amount of time actually provide the perfect balance of long term planning with short(ish) term action? And have you ever FYP’d your own future goals? What’s the deal people?

Forgive me; I will try not to take out my frustrations on anyone. The deal for me is the MOVE. We’ve discussed a variety of options to get us out there in an amount of time that is affordable and makes sense. Unfortunately, the term “makes sense” is open for debate, and this is where craigslist steps in. I’m pretty sure I can create an argument that just about anything “makes sense” if it means getting us out there soon. My latest obsession involves this little gem discovered on Dallas craigslist (it’s a big state, why relegate oneself to the Austin area?!?). For rational people, I’m sure many questions arise when considering this option (Why is it free? How much does moving something 160 miles cost? Why is it free? Is there a kitchen? WHY is it FREE?). However, this option just “makes sense” to me, and I’ll bombard the post-er with emails until I get a firm response. Until that time, Jeremy’s agreed to start clearing some potential home sites in consideration of our FYP and also to satiate my need for progress. But with craigslist on my side, I hope we’ll be able to call it FMP Farm. Planning in month-long increments is more my style.

Potential front yard? Ignore the stumps and miscellaneous debris. Actually, just close your eyes and envision nice green grass.

And....backyard?? Work with me...

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