Monday, June 25, 2012


There's a lot to say and a lot to report.  Lucky for you, however, the intense heat and humidity have melted every remaining piece of my brain that controls writing function.  So there's little I can muster aside from a few key highlights and a lot of pictures.


  • The Barn Saga which includes the following dilemmas - Do we build a barn? Buy a barn? Move a barn? Think of it this way: it's the type of overthinking that went into the house on a smaller, more compact, but no less frustrating scale. Yiipppeeee!!
  • The Goat Pasture Saga which includes the following dilemmas - Do we toss them into the main pasture with the other livestock?  Do we toss them into the 5 acre woods just behind the house? Do we start building fences? (which results in the ancillary dilemma) Why in the world do we always build fences and install waterlines in 100 + degree weather?
  • The Garden Abundance Saga - constant tomato roasting and cucumber pickling.  This is no dilemma. It just bears noting.  
  • The Goat Milk Saga - constant peach ice cream and cheese-making (resulting in constant ice cream and cheese eating).  See previous comment.
  • The Cow Selling Saga - Mixed feelings.  More on this later.
What's resulted is lots of photography of baby goats running on porches and living somewhat "freely" in the woods while I watch them through windows.  I've also documented the food making because who doesn't like to see a beautiful chevre curd form?! And now since it's 11am and already 102*, it's time to go soak my head in an ice bath and insert an iced tea IV. 



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Aunt Lisa said...

I almost wish I was there! (I added the 'almost' at the last minute - I'm not that touched). You're the pied pipper!