Monday, February 6, 2012

Under the Full Moon

Tonight I found the donkeys curled up in bundles along the fenceline of the pasture just outside the front door.  Without even thinking I threw on boots and a jacket, grabbed some pears and opened the gate to feed them and scratch a few velvet ears and noses.  Because I can, now.  Even at 10pm.  Without a flash light.  Just me and a herd of over-fed, spoiled asses.  Under a full moon bright enough that our shadows stretched out to the cedar trees. 

Then I came inside and took this picture of a door made in 1905 that's hanging on the closet of a new house in 2012.  The door is from a rural town in Texas where it's likely its first owner walked into his own pasture at night and fed the animals by moonlight. 

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