Friday, February 24, 2012

Lemons into Lemonade

In the vein of my recent post and new outlook on life in which I make the most of things, here's to making the best of a bad situation.  By "situation" I mean a lack of a kitchen - although there is an UPDATE of epic proportions.  Four (count 'em - FOUR) important events either already have or are about to occur:

1) A microwave has been installed, but I never use microwaves on principal.  There's something about the technology that's never sat right with me.  Invisible rays of energy shooting at food to cook it in seconds makes me think that eating said food will turn me into the Bionic woman.  Although being the Bionic woman certainly has its advantages, so I'll reconsider the microwave.

2) The counter tops will be installed in two weeks - a mere TWO WEEKS! This is directly related to:

3) The sink will be installed this weekend, without which the counter tops cannot be installed and finally,

4) We secretly (and cleverly) plotted to lure a few strong friends (note: flattery) over this evening by way of free fajitas in order to casually ask them to help us lift and install our ovens and oh, hey!  While you're here, maybe to also lift and set the farm sink in place!  But this wasn't planned at all.  (So much for "cleverly" and "casually" since I think they read this).  Here guys, have another beer.

Since most of these thrilling events are going to occur in the future and mean that cooking has posed an interesting challenge recently, I wanted to share my version of making the most of a difficult situation (and no, it's not lost on me that cooking with a glass of wine alongside a beautiful fire is something less than difficult).  So here it is - Jeremy's greatest love (wood stove) preparing my greatest love (food):  

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