Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have both hands covering my mouth.  It's a self-created muzzle, of sorts.  And right now, it's oh-so necessary.  On top of all of the other drama that recently threw a big 'ol house sized wrench in our plans, the septic guy now has to increase his prices significantly due to a loss of equipment in the September Bastrop fires.  Not his fault, of course.  Of course. 

Of course.

But, what else will go wrong?  Let me refer back to the past two years after which a normal, lucid person would have put the place on the market and found a home already standing:  Don't. Build.  Don't. Do. It.  At the end of this project I do plan to create a list of "lessons learned," turn it into a hand-written manual that I'll likely sell on street corners out of a shopping cart, along with dead flowers and trash.  At that point I'll probably just be mumbling to myself in gibberish and petting imaginary kittens - because by then - I assume I will have thoroughly lost my marbles.  Although maybe I already have.  (DON'T BUILD!).   


WeldrBrat said...

He has to raise his prices because he lost equipment in the Bastrop fires.... Really? I think I'd be finding a new Septic guy... one that carries Insurance... like he is SUPPOSED TO DO IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!!! I would file on that bird! An insurance policy should have, at the minimum, given him enough to help him recover new or used equipment, fairly. He's messing with you!!!

Brett said...

Cleansing breaths...slowly, deeply, in through the nose. Hold. Now sloooowly exhale through the mouth! Okay, maybe this isn't Lamaze class, but it probably isn't far off as pain-level goes.

Unless you have a contract or set price, I'm with WeldrBrat, look elsewhere.

I used a guy to give me an estimate on the property we've been working on if you want his info. Not sure if he works that side of Austin, but he might. I'm sure ol' D-you-wayne would know of someone!

Good luck!

No Name Farm/Ranch said...

Let's just say that the new cost of septic is the very least of our worries at the moment although I really do appreciate the feedback!

Brett, I'd be very interested in the info for the person you got to bid - would you mind sending?

Thanks again for the input - we're learning as we go and it's always good to hear from others1

Brett said...

Sent a PM.