Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Roll Call

Tonight Jeremy hauled Marta to her new digs in a field near the home site. He hooked her up to our completely legit electric pole and attached her to his newly installed water line. For the first time, he turned on the lights and started the AC without a generator, and she purred quietly like a kitten. I opted to stay at the house tonight only because I've just returned from a four day work trip. Jeremy, however, is settling in and as I sit on this couch alone I realize that, from now on, he will probably be there more than here.

We start building the house tomorrow morning.

We drew this house on a crumpled napkin over two years ago. Now I'm hoping that it is actually functional and not just the product of two kids playing with Leggos. Sometimes the primary goal (functional house) gets lost in the shuffle. And by "shuffle" I'm talking about the absolute chaos that was just the beginning of this process.

So let's review the damage:
Two years, three designers, two engineers, 10 builders, 1,849 banks, 5 appraisals, 2,000 feet of trench and one plastic cup. 1 Jenna. 1 Jeremy and a team of machines named Buster and Bambi. An audience of 5 screaming donkeys and 2 drooling cows. 730 nights spent dreaming about tomorrow.

I won't count on much sleep this night.

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