Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey homeslice

There's a small chance you wondered what happened. There's a very big chance you didn't. That's the difference between you and me. When there's something brewing for me or someone I care about then it's all consuming. In the worst way. You're probably the "other kind of person" who says "meh" with a shoulder shrug when something's brewing that you can't control. If that's what you're like then I really want to be like you. In the worst way.

The deal is that there's really no deal yet. As expected, the appraisal, which should have been completed last week - was not. We got a slightly disturbing call from the appraiser who flippantly mentioned that, before even checking, he was pretty sure "no comps exist for what you're trying to build," and went on to bluntly ask, "did you really believe, in this market, you could build a nice house in the country?"

OH! Silly, SILLY ME. Because we're real estate experts and all, from way back. We should know better (punctuated with a palm-to-forehead slap). See, those are the kind of comments that make me want to do something really outrageous as a form of self expression, like start breaking dishes, or punch a wall. After investing a lot of time and money into this project, it's infuriating to only be certain whether the project can actually happen until the last possible moment. Does that make any sense at all? To anyone? No, not if you're reasonable. As I clearly am (aside from the violent tendencies as mentioned above).

It's times like these that I truly wish I could dig deep and conjure the laid back, super chill homegirl version of Jenna that surely resides somewhere in my psyche. That chick would definitely do the shoulder shrug and peace out on the whole situation (yep, I just wrote peace out). THAT CHICK would embrace the uncertainty and understand that what you can't control only makes you frustrated, and life's too short for that nonsense. THAT CHICK is a bada&% mother.

That chick don't exist.

So it's just me and some pathetic attempts to keep cool amidst this blindingly stupid process. In fact, I'm trying very hard to mimic Jer's reaction to this whole ordeal. He's been eating AND sleeping normally. Like, every day. How is that possible?! I have a lot to learn. In the meantime I'll continue to work on developing my inner homeslice - that incredibly relaxed person who just let's things roll.

Jenna out.


WeldrBrat said...

Jenna... call HUD and file a complaint. Ask them what you can do about getting another appraiser assigned. You CAN do that. We had a jerk that tried plagiarizing his report from our Inspector's report. DA made the mistake of using our Inspector's photos. DUH! Once we cornered him - his excuse was that he'd never appraised a log home before. End result - he won't be appraising ANY home in the future.

John said...

Dang Jenna! Looks like it is time to learn how to build that house yourselves! Is the property outside the city limits? I just can't seem to understand why this house is becoming such a dead gull around your necks... Getting a house built shouldn't be this difficult. Especially in this economy. Most contractors I deal with on a daily basis gripe that there are too many people now bidding for the same contracts.

No Name Farm/Ranch said...

We'll know soon enough if we need to call HUD. It was supposed to be wrapped up by now and still not. And John - yes it's not normal - as far as I know. All of this has been much more complicated for us than most people I've talked to. Main problems are that we have terrible soil, raw land, and are fairly remote-ish. Pair that with absolutely no comps in the area and you have quite a little problem on your hands! Finding eager contractors certainly hasn't been the problem - just getting that appraisal to work!