Friday, February 4, 2011

Angry Chicken Hates Snow

Oh boy - the girls are upset this morning. Since the hens have never seen snow, they woke up to a blanket of white on the ground and were completely confused. As they stare at the ground and turn their heads this way and that to figure it out, it's obvious what they're thinking: "Can I walk in it? If I jump off my perch - will the ground even HOLD ME?! WHAT'S WITH ALL THAT WHITE CRAP?!"

So here it is, 8:30 am, almost 2 hours past their normal wake-up hour - and still they sit roosting, glaring angrily at the ground. I don't understand this logic since they were perfectly happy to skate on the frozen water, but frozen rain has completely thrown them. Jeremy placed one hen, Yolanda, on the ground just to demonstrate the safety of the snow. She has been standing in the same spot for 10 minutese now, giving Jeremy the stink eye.

Luckily the dogs take an entirely opposite approach to snow which, for them, is some sort of time machine and transports them all back to the age of 10 months. I know this because, once outside, each one began running in circles, barking, jumping on each other, chasing tails, and rolling around like they only did when they were puppies. Snow is a strange and magical thing down in these parts.

As soon as the ice melts we're taking Buster for a spin to try out his 4 wheel drive and bring water to pond-water-hating donkeys. And there may be snow at the land! Snow! At the land! How about that?


Jenny Glen said...

That's so funny about your chickens. Mine are the same way. They see snow all winter long but they still glare at it and scream at me when I walk by their coop, demanding that I make it go away and bring back the green grass.

Anonymous said...

Our chickens are the same. They haven't been outside their shed in over a week. They hate snow! Temps are supposed to be in the 50's this weekend. Hopefully some of this snow and ice will melt. The people (and the pony) are tired of it too!

jen said...

I wish i could have chickens. But the only ones who would enjoy them are our cats!!