Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You better sit down for this

We are calling about, and possibly making an offer on, this guy:

No. For serious. I didn't even have a drink tonight and Jeremy convinced me that this, THIS, my friends was the absolute best if not the only logical next step on our journey to the land. We get to live out there pronto and hopefully rent our current home somewhat immediately, thus saving boatloads of moolah (or at least a tad more than we're saving now). We'd simplify life for awhile and truly learn to appreciate nature, since I doubt we'd want to spend much quality time together crammed in the trailer.

And the amazing part of all this?! The absolutely shocking realization is that I felt excited, HAPPY almost at the prospect. I'm a little bored right now, if we're being honest, as if we pushed an enormous "pause" button on plans (life) about a year ago. This feels like, or could be, and might cause: progress.

Is this an act of desperation or genius? Stay tuned.


appian.way.memoirs said...

I dunno...i personally like tipis and yurts...each can go up in a day.
Ah course i forgot to look at the price but, I would guess you folks mean to travel about in that giant?
Ya must be wealthy!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea. We moved from a large suburban house in a rather uppity neighbourhood full of million dollar homes (we rented) to a tiny mobile home that is over 20 years old and not the least bit stylish by any stretch of the imagination. But we are on our land, and we love it. Seriously, you will not regret it, however "rough" you have to live for a while (and a nice trailer is not really rough, especially with no kids underfoot!) I'm excited for you guys!

(I've closed down my one blog, thus the "new" name)

jennakl said...

Actually - the idea would be to just park it at the land and live in it to save before building - since we are decidedly NOT wealthy and can't start building yet :) Thanks for both of your feedback! It's a big decision but also exciting!

John said...

Didn't see the ad because it has been removed but I say congratulations as well. Our land has a trailer on it and we are using it as temporary housing as well until we are able to build. Then it can become guest quarters or work-shop etc... As you said, it is a great way to be able to go ahead and start living on your property and save money as well. Kudos.

jennakl said...

John - I'd love to hear more about how things are going at your property! Do you have a trailer or a mobile home out there now? We are VERY excited about this prospect and plan to get something out there soon so we can spend more time on weekends. Eventually we'd like to live out there while the build is happening. (whenever that will be!)

John said...

Jenna, Ours is a beat up old double wide that needs work. Right now we are only going down on weekends but eventually we hope to have it habitable to the extent we will be able to stay full time and start planning a real house. It definitely makes staying there more enjoyable than camping. Having a/c and a working toilet is priceless. Drop me a line at my email address and I would love to share ideas and more answers. johncotexas@yahoo