Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Years

Saturday was the second anniversary of the land purchase. Ironically, we spent it out of town, on someone else's property in the hill country. A totally opposite type of land than our little parcel out east. Our mini-break was bittersweet. Spending time on different land, near a different town, surrounded by dramatically different views causes one to....well...reconsider....? Just reconsider. But on Sunday we woke up as the sun rose, jumped in the car, stopped for donuts - and headed east. Driving down the bumpy lane to our already rusting metal gate has started to feel just about right. The place is rough around the edges, near a crumbling little town, and surrounded by some questionable characters. So it's easy for those things to overshadow everything we've already put onto it and into it. I'm glad we got away, if only for a moment, to compare and contrast. Rough or no - it's our patch of dirt.

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