Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Too

I realized today that my note about our current predicament falling into the "worst case" category caused some unnecessary concern, so I'm back to assure you (and myself, too) that it's no big deal and will all turn out swell. As soon as it's appropriate to mention the unmentionable, I'll explain in full and stop with the cryptic nonsense. Promise.

Til then I've planned many weekday getaways to the land. Early morning drives into the country before the afternoon heat makes such a trip stupid if not impossible. Days like these require that I go there and be there to remember why we tangled ourselves in that 15 acre web in the first place. During the week, the forgetting comes easy.

I'll spend a few minutes around the hay ring scratching donkey ears, looking out through the stand of trees there that opens onto the sweetest view of a distant rolling pasture. Maybe I'll wander to the pond and count turtle heads poking up from murky water then down to the front gate and look at the neighbor's forest. Or wander into our own little patch of trees where that damn house may one day sit, quietly humming a morning hymn, a necessary mantra, over and over....."This too shall pass."

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Anonymous said...

I hope it does, whatever it is. Though I confess I'm damn curious!