Saturday, June 26, 2010

Texas Sky

Tonight improved my mood about the land. No rattlesnakes crossed my path. The animals organized themselves nicely around the fresh bale of hay we rolled out. And there was a breeze.

I had a few cold Lone Stars and wandered around, enjoying a rare break from land tasks, while Jer created work for himself that required the tractor.

Mostly I looked at the sky (when I wasn't staring at the ground for coiled snakes). Clouds at sunset make a pretty awesome spectacle if you pay attention.

After playing with the tractor, Jeremy attempted to dislodge a large wasp nest from a piece of equipment. Knowing this would seriously upset the wasps, he hatched a foolproof escape plan; run straight into the opened car door. Unfortunately the plan went awry when the angry insects came swarming after him. Instead of making a straight line to the car he ran straight towards me at top speed shouting "DAMMIT," before turning right towards the opened car door which slammed shut at that precise moment due to a strong breeze. Lucky for all of us, I had the camera handy:

And yes, if you wondered, that is OUR bathtub, sink, and countertop garden growing near the car. When I mention that I have collected "old house parts," I really mean it.

Even the animals exuded peace and harmony tonight. Last night's chaos may or may not be partially due to the fact that their owner stood in the middle of them all simultaneously sobbing and screaming, while holding a big bucket of food. I think I annoyed and confused them yesterday, hence all of their bad behavior.

Tonight they got a glorious new bale of hay, and everyone was perfectly satisfied.

Things are looking up for me and my future at the land. I have to watch for rattlesnakes, that much is obvious. More importantly, I have to accept that they live there too. The sun, the sky, the breeze (the beer?) tonight reminded me why it's worth accepting.

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