Sunday, May 16, 2010

Circle of Life

And yes, I totally mean that in The Lion King sort of way.

The past several days were intense. There was a beautiful wedding. There was a beautiful new baby. There was the passing of a well-lived life, all in the matter of a handful of days. While I was a distant observer to most of these events, they each reminded me of the perfect simplicity of cycles. Birth, life, death - with a a hell of a lot in between. While it's the "in-between" that arguably counts the most, I can't help but pause for just a minute to remember that the "in-between" also shouldn't overshadow the cycles of life that just keep on happening, regardless of the attention we pay them.

Not to be overtly corny, but here it is. I've never noticed those cycles with as much clarity as I do now that the land is a constant in our lives, throbbing away in the background, whether or not we're there to tend to it. I'm taking more notice now of the basic elements. I have a lot more respect for each one.

So here's to the circles -Births. Marriages. Deaths. And here's to the little in-betweens - Like taking a baby donkey for a walk. Like sitting on old porches in campfire light next to a river with good friends.

(I have included this picture of LuLu only because today's note was entirely too serious, and she is not.)

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