Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Water Day

It started with our plan of clearing a nice spot by the pond. While we were down there toiling away, the 3 cows showed up and started to entertain us with energetic and acrobatic feats. They were head butting and hopping (yes, hopping) around. They were so energetic that both Jenna and I climbed onto the tractor to make sure we didn't get in the way of their frolicking. That's a lot of energy needed to move those bodies around like that. I was quite impressed. Once they calmed down, Rooney and Matilda mosied into the water to take a drink, a piss (yes, Matilda pee'd while standing in the pond), and a rest.

Seamus appears to be afraid of the water after his historic belly flop when the pond first filled up (I still can't believe he did that). He went close enough to drink out of it, but never placed a single hoof in the water. I had the camera ready in case he felt the need to repeat his imitation of the amazing diving cow. Around noon, we had made good progress, so we made some sandwiches and headed to the park on the Colorado river that is very close to the land for a picnic.

All was calm and tranquil until a coyote sprinted across in front of us. This thing was literally about 20 feet in front of us. A couple of questions sprang to mind as I froze watching this wild animal run across my field of vision. 1) Why was this nocturnal animal running around during the day? 2) What the hell was chasing this thing that caused it to run around during the day? I found myself glancing up the trail waiting to see something monstrous that scared this animal enough to run about during the day and in front of some humans. Nothing else came charging out of the brush, so the picnic ended without much drama.

Later, Jenna headed back to her parent's house to begin preparing for the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. While prep'ing for my nighttime campfire, I looked up at the neighboring hill to see a colorful sunset. This is about as much of a "color changing fall" as we see here in Texas. While not as dramatic as our northeaster neighbors, it still is quite pretty.

I rounded out the day by visiting where I had started. There's something inexplicably calming about drinking a beer around a small body of water. I hung out there until it got too cold to handle. At which point, I went and lit my pre-built campfire and watched the moon and stars surface. It was a great end to a wonderful day.

Happy Turkey Day!

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