Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Weekly Boo: It's a Hard Knock Life

Wow! Can you believe I just used a line from Annie?? Me neither. Don't hold it against me.

But facts are facts, and Boo's got it rough lately since his grumpy mom Chula gave him the boot. And by boot, I'm talking about the cold shoulder, kicked to the curb, tough love - you know what I mean? Or maybe you don't. Basically......she weaned him.

I can't be sure how this monumental event occurred but think it has to do with Chula standing her ground. Previously, she would gently kick at him when he tried to nurse, and as soon as he started kicking her back, she'd give up and sit there forlorn and pissed off, frankly, to have lost the battle. Something must have clicked and she learned that by kicking him back and harder, he would eventually give up.

He's learning to fend for himself now and trying new types of food. But getting those leaves off the bushes is no easy feat.

He's mastered the art of grabbing the leaves...but...how to pull them off the pesky branch?

Boo put forth a valiant effort.

And turned his head every which way.

But the branch was just a little stronger than the baby donkey. Better luck next time, Boo.

That's life kid.

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