Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dogs+Pit+Water = Joy

It's a very simple equation. So simple, in fact, that I almost can't believe I didn't put it all together sooner. My dogs' happiness is, pathetically, a priority in my life. So, after a long and dusty day of burning piles this weekend, I remembered that the pit was still filled with its last few drops of brown and slightly putrid water. I weighed the advantage of scum-filled-pond-dog-swimming against the disadvantages of, you know, transporting the scum-covered-dogs home on my fabric car seats and my weak, dog-lover side won (as always). Down the path we went and around the bend until Winston (our water obsessed Labrador) spotted the first sparkle of water. His eyes literally bugged out of his head for a split second, cartoon-style, and off he went, sliding down the bank and into the deep end, a la Seamus.

What followed is probably equivalent to a fantastic Hawaiian vacation for a person. I guess. I've never been to Hawaii, but when I go, I assume I'll be just as excited.

Although I might not bound through water to retrieve sticks (this requires teamwork).

It was a long, exhausting afternoon of turtle-hunting (Don't worry - no turtles harmed. Only one turtle maybe slightly frightened), swimming in slow, small circles (by Romeo, the introspective dog).....

and group stick fetching.

Followed by more group stick fetching...

Was it worth the pungent and permanent smell in my car? Probably not.

But when it's obvious how happy it made these stinky guys, if only for an hour, do you really think I care?

Probably not.

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