Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Name It

The light fixture planned for our hallway didn't fit.  Since I've mostly used old pieces, I've had to mix and match things, order from ebay, and cross my fingers that they'll work.  It was a no dice situation on the hallway light, so in a moment of desperation I grabbed a few pieces that have been rolling around my trunk for months.

What on earth did we hang from the ceiling there?! 

Even though that thing served as an industrial mixer in its former life, it's throwing off light in the hallway just fine.  It'll do, in a pinch.


Kimberly said...

That's pretty darn clever!

Brett said...

Holy cow! I ended up with a few of those very mixer whips from a recent auction. I thought they looked like industrial lighting fixtures too! Now I know they'll work that way.

Nice job!! Want some more?

No Name Farm/Ranch said...

Thanks guys! Brett - how many do you have?! How did I miss an auction that sells these? Actually I don't have any more free spots for light fixtures, but they do work great - I recommend them :)

Brett said...

I have 2 large ones, one medium, and one small one, however all of them are missing a few wires each, so they're not in the best shape. The two larger and one medium sized ones have screws so that the wires can be replaced. The Shoreline Grill closed down and they had a few of these thrown in with an item I wanted during the auction.

Auctions are AWESOME!! I watch them as often as possible.