Monday, March 26, 2012

Soul Sucking, Mind Numbing Cuteness

If there's a better way to describe the effect of suddenly being surrounded by 4, one week old goats and an 8 week old fluff of a puppy - then I do not know it.

I have no human children so I have to assume that the past few days is the closest I've ever come to the experience of having a new born (one that lives on the porch).  Most of my sentences are incomplete and the only task I remember to finish is feeding the goats.  In fact, I'm really struggling to write anything coherent at the moment.  Of course there are already hours worth of video and hundreds of photos to document the baby goat jumping, twirling, spinning, and sleeping.  I will do my best not to turn this blog into one entitled "Goat."  I'll try.  But that's not a promise.

In between moments of panic and those racing thoughts of "HOLY CRAP what did I get myself into," I've been quite pleased with my 5 new little monsters.  Of course, their arrival corresponds with the busiest work week I've had in almost 6 months.  So if I make it through this one intact (meaning: remember to brush teeth, wash hair, change clothes, and eat), then I'll consider it a victory over the brain mushers living on the porch.  Introductions and stories will follow at which point I will likely warn against getting baby goats unless you have a compelling reason not to lead a normal life anymore.  So if you have no compelling reason to lead that normal life then, by all means, get goats!  Get 10!  


Karen Severn said...

I guess this is what I have to look forward to! Will be starting goat operations within six months.

No Name Farm/Ranch said...

That's very exciting! What breed of goat are you planning to have?