Thursday, September 22, 2011


Fresh out of commentary. Totally speechless. Here's the beginning of the house drawn on a napkin. So far - she cleans up pretty nice.


Brett said...

That is M A S S I V E!

Is it going to be split, partial living and partial barn or all living? I'm curious as to whom you chose to do the build, too.

Nice progress and congrats!

No Name Farm/Ranch said...

Yes, she's a beast. The measurements are approx 60' x 40' and 26' at the roof ridge point. Actually, aside from a portion of the upstairs for attic, all will be living space. A large portion of the front is cathedral, open ceiling which is something that was important to us for a light and airy feel, and easier (cheaper) to achieve with the metal building. I'd be very happy to give you builder info (along with some recs about who to avoid, etc). Feel free to send us an email so we can get into specifics:

I hope all's well with your land purchase!

Jud H. said...

Now's the perfect time to install eye-bolts in those rafters... for the swings... while you've got the lift and all. Just sayin'... ;)

Skylarkguy said...

Can I just say that while perhaps not the most attractive building from the outside what you did with the place is amazing. I like the idea a bunch. The flexibility of the wall layout and inside it a great thing. If I ever finish my old old house and need to start over this might provide inspiration. Nice Job!