Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Le Snag Majeur

Whoa. It's been pretty quiet around here, huh? There hasn't been a peep from 'Ol No Name for awhile probably because of the heavy lifting we've been doing to pack up our current house, move into Marta, and start building That Damn House, right? Oh, wrong. So wrong! Things move slow in the world of real estate and construction lenders are no exception. Add to this the reality of my work situation which will likely become a casualty of the recession, and what you're left with is a big 'ol pile of no progress. My father, the secret keeper of all deep wisdom, recently cautioned to be careful what I wish for. All these months of working towards a goal which now may be too lofty to chase. When it rains, it pours, ya'll.

So now, here we are with big decisions ahead of us along with many uncertainties except the one thing I know for sure: .....................

Oh, see, there you go. I guess there's not much I know for sure at the moment. Right now we're digging deep and trying to extricate wants from needs. We're trying to make decisions about stuff that probably shouldn't be considered for another 20 years. It's exhausting. Who needs a drink?

Bottom line is that, for now, only time will tell but in the coming weeks we'll be forced to decide if we are fundamentally conservative people and pass on this hard-won loan, or if we're fundamentally risky people and, well, jump. The goal remains to live at the Farm/Ranch and plant a garden. Get that bee hive humming. Grow peaches and milk a goat. The reality is that lots of stuff has to get ironed out before we know the best place to put our dollars. Until then, I leave you with pictures of my largest and smallest chickens giving each other the stink eye. It's spellbinding stuff, really. Takes your breath away. And yes, there's a lot more where these came from. On the other camera I have a whole series of shots entitled "Chicken Caught in Downpour" and the heart-wrenching: "Hen Loses Flock - Lost." It's a riveting life we lead, watching our suburban livestock from the back porch, wishing we were at the farm.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to hear that your job may disappear. That must be stressful. You know, it occurred to me that somewhere between Conservative and Risky is another option. Have you ever considered selling your house and living on the land without building another one right away? Could you live in a trailer? Maybe add a small shelter like a yurt? Then when things are more financially stable you could work on building a proper house. We live in a 24 year old mobile home. It's nothing special, but it's warm and dry. Maybe roughing it for a while would be the best compromise?