Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Name Farm/Ranch: Hollywood Edition

Let's be honest. We all have a variety of little obsessions. I've already aired most of my dirty laundry when I shared my moldy door fetish, topped only by my love for rusted sinks. Does it get much more embarrassing than that?!?

Well, yes.

For anyone who's ever watched the NBC drama Friday Night Lights, you can probably understand why it is, hands down, my favorite show. Not only is the plot tightly focused around three important topics (the character Tim Riggins, a small Texas town, the character Tim Riggins), but it's also filmed locally and features lots of the places us central Texans pass by daily. Ok, to be fair, it also has a lot to do with football, high school angst, and bbq but these plot points are far less crucial than my hero, Tim Riggins.

Since it is filmed locally, each show is dotted with familiar streets, shops and the like. So it should have been no surprise when, in a recent, episode, Jer and I both recognized some landscape in the background of an important scene.

You see, our (my) hero (potential husband should things turn sour in my current situation. Oh Jer I'm KIDDING mostly!) took a drive through the countryside outside of the fictional town Dillon (Austin) and fell in love with a gorgeous parcel of land that just happens to be for sale.

Just so happens to be the same parcel we noticed on our first trip to our property. It caught our eye too. And it's just a short jog down the road, across from our land. Its presence on the show basically confirms the awesomeness of that parcel and the general area. We have no idea when they filmed the scenes there, but yesterday we noticed the fictional "for sale" sign up again near the road. The crew must have lost the original sign since the one in place now is slightly different. But it's back up, and it's ready for more filming, and I plan to camp at the land continuously in order to finally meet Riggins. It's good to have a plan, no?

So here they are in all their glory; photos of the new sign above a still of the first scene displaying the land. And yes, I really did spend an hour going through old episodes to find this scene - that's why it's called an obsession, right?

My shot of the new sign, ready for filming.

Tim Riggins contemplating life and looking down the road towards our driveway (Tim Riggins looked at our driveway!). Photo courtesy of NBC. Thank you NBC for the photo and for Friday Night Lights.


Jon said...

Wow, that's pretty awesome. That's one of our favorite shows too, and yes Bri has a similar obsession with Mr. Riggins, although I just can't figure out why. Tell Jeremy that I'd be happy to camp out there with you guys if Lila or Tyra plans on showing up ;-) We're a few episodes back in this current season, so it's going to be fun watching those scenes and seeing your driveway.

jennakl said...

Well, if you really don't understand why Bri and I are obsessed then we should definitely talk the next time you're in town. Jer is hoping the plot will twist enough that Riggins will build a house on the land and Lyla will come live with him. The line b/w reality and hollywood has blurred a little since the show is suddenly in our neighborhood :)

John said...

Ever since I saw this land on the show, I was obsessed with it! It's Beautiful! :D

No Name Farm/Ranch said...

Too bad it costs something like umpteen million dollars. Let's keep our fingers crossed it doesn't get purchased and turned into a gas station!

John said...

Wow!! Well I hope to live somewhere similar to this place! Its my dream! :) someday..