Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Day in the Life

Another ridiculous day that makes us forget we had snow flurries a mere three weeks ago. Bright sun, no clouds, breezes and green, green grass due to months of rain. This is the first time we've seen the land bloom after so much rain and the scene is entirely different from last spring, in the midst of a drought. Wildflowers abound and grasses grow thigh high in the places the animals can't reach. I'm pretty damn excited about this weather.

Mostly I'm excited that the animals have access to ample grazing and a pond to drink from, making their existence a little more sustainable (i.e. - cheaper) and a lot more fun to watch. I don't know if it's the weather. I don't know if it's the sweet grasses, but they're the happiest I've seen them. Happy livestock on a beautiful day are a fine sight for even the most sophisticated person. I promise.

To provide a snapshot of this happiness, I followed Boo throughout the day and chronicled the multi-layered joy that is being a baby donkey on 15 acres of varied pasture in the mild spring. Enjoy.

It began with the shock and wonder of seeing his People floating in a canoe on the Giant Trough.

This led to a trip (he galloped) up the road to the front pasture for three full minutes of cow watching. It's not clear why he urgently needed to run to the front pasture for this activity. We may never know.

Sneaky glove-removal-maneuver from the Person's pocket.


Followed by confusion and uncertainty about what exactly one does with a glove.

Momentary despair once glove is retrieved by the Person.

I believe it was around this time he took a random jog around the hay ring. An arbitrary kick and a buck. And then...grass-eating.

Which leads us to the highlight of every donkeys complex life: Rolling.

Dust baths provide the structure and backbone needed in an otherwise chaotic life.

With all of the eating, the wandering, drinking, biting - the kicking - it's no wonder these creatures rely on some sort of stability and routine.

Sometimes dust baths have to be fit in quickly between other important activities (ex: hee-hawing in a general direction). Today, however, was Sunday which justified a few stolen moments of relaxation after the bath.

One more roll for good measure.

And a big yawn to indicate the extent of his exhaustion.

Tough life kid.

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Kelley said...

Joe sent me your link so I could see the awesome pic of Boo relaxing. SO funny! And I heart your new minis!! And that they smell like potato chips :)