Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Your Average (horse riding, rib eating, tree cutting) Weekend

The holiday and brisk temperatures (read: sarcasm) lured us outside for the majority of the long weekend. Jeremy was especially productive in his attempts to widen and clear the easement onto the property so that guests no longer have to risk their paint jobs for a visit. Innumerable visitors have happily bounced down the drive, waving as they see us stand at the gate, only to become utterly disgusted by the startling sound of "SscreeeEEEEeeeccckkkch" when a mesquite rubs against the car. Sorry (sheepish shrug).

It wasn't until one of the monsters attacked Jer's own car that he decided it was time the beast must be felled.

Take that! Muuwaahahhaa! (If I seem inexplicably cruel to trees then I ask, when was the last time you had a 2 inch thorn go straight through the sole of your boot and into the soft middle part of your foot? Alrighty then.)

The following day was spent fulfilling a promise made to Dwayne since he first rode onto our land. We finally let him feed us expertly smoked pork ribs and grilled corn and then graciously allowed him to take us through neighboring pastures on his beautiful horses. Oh my goodness - the things we do to be friendly.

This is Dwayne shucking a corn that was soaked for three hours in mesquite water before being tossed on the grill. It ranks among the best food I have ever eaten.

This is Jenna pretending to act casual even though she is about to begin her favorite activity in the entire world (next to eating really good food) which is to ride a horse.

This is Jeremy pretending to act casual even though he is about to begin his least favorite activity in the entire world (next to getting shots) which is to ride a horse.

This is us together representing both total joy and total fear.

The sun began to set and only one Lonestar remained. We said goodbye to Dwayne, patted the horses, and headed down the road - ending just another weekend.

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